Cat (willowisp) wrote,


I finally caught up with the kitchen, and got a dent on the living room. I still need to finish it and the dining room/nook thingy, but after so many days of not making any progress, I'm happy. I deposited some checks, mailed a package, and picked up some groceries I'd kept forgetting to get, and I was nearly on time at Kitty City.

I also went back to Toby and found out that the credits are supposed to show up at Tierra Antigua. She said it's possible they entered our SSNs incorrectly at Timber Hollow, which I might believe if it was one of us, but not both. The other possibility is that they haven't yet data-synched with the mother ship -- I get the impression the computer system was very recently overhauled. Anyway, Toby asked us to call them and see if either were the case, and if both are not the case, she'll ask the Timber Hollow folks to fax over the information and she will hand-write the certificate for us.

Andy had really had his heart set on Flying Star yesterday, but I realized that they would be closed for renovations so recommended buffet Chinese instead. Since I hadn't grocery shopped and therefore didn't have the necessary stuff for dinner and since Andy had really had his heart set on Flying Star yesterday, we went today. I got chicken pot pie since a worker has since told me it never has mushrooms. Andy's mom got it when she was here and it was so good that I got it the next day. Today, before even taking the first bite, my mouth was on fire. Actually taking the bite made it worse. Andy tried it and immediately realized that it had green chile in it. At least he enjoyed it.

Afterward we went to Lowe's to scope out the chandelier I love, appliances, carpets, and so on. He liked it! The chandelier, that is. It's a really pretty design with clear glass panels with frosted ivy etched on them. The most elaborate is $55.00, and he agreed that it's so far away from the ugly gaudy types that it didn't even show up in the same league. We also were told that Lowe's would deliver and set up the refrigerator and washer/dryer for $35.00. If Andy hadn't heard it too I would have thought I was hallucinating. Since the refrigerator costs some $400.00 less than Centex would charge, it's a no-brainer at this point. I hope the guy remembers when we go back in six months.
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