Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Busy Day

I still didn't get all of the cleaning done, but I did some really important things. For instance, I found out what I need to do to (hopefully) get a diagnosis based on a theory by one of my doctors. I also called the mortgage company our Centex contact recommended and with Andy's help (He arrived home at the tail end of the call and was able to fill in a few blanks I'd spaced) got us pre-approved for a mortgage. Susan at Centex said they're really good at matching good-faith estimates by other lenders, so the next step is to see if one or both of our CUs can give us better rates. If we use the Centex-recommended lender we get some really nice perks, so if they can match or beat the others, we'll go with them.

On the way out to my usual Tuesday appointment I stopped by the rental office and asked them for the worksheet they give out for RWE. It's a good thing I did. I did confirm that they print out the records for all roommates, thus Andy and I both received just over $800.00. We also discovered that the worksheet did not include the six years at Timber Hollow or the six months in California. This really mystified Toby and Ned, who are both certain that since they pull up the worksheet via SSN that it's supposed to be comprehensive. They are e-mailing someone to ask if it's just a glitch, and they also noted that if, for some reason, they can't get it to work properly that we can always get certificates from Timber Hollow. They're going to try to fix it before making me do so, though -- I love EQR, or at least the people they employ.

After the appointment I had an hour to burn before my KC shift, so I dropped by Symphony. Before going in I rang Andy to find out if he'd learned anything about the pre-qual. It turned out I didn't need to; the lender had already faxed Susan. She let me have the run of the rug/tile/wood room and the notebook with appliances, and later came in and made suggestions. I wrote down what we ended up with so that on Friday I can show Andy and we can go from there.

I ended up late to KC and also learned that with a 17:00 shift I should definitely not take I-40 to Clark's. In theory it should be much faster due to the higher speed limit and lack of traffic lights. In practice rush hour more than makes up for the lack of lights and the higher speed limit. At least it's good that I discovered this now.

While Monica and I were chatting a familiar person walked in. She and her husband had almost adopted Muffin, but Muffie blew it. As we were discussing her most recent experience with the local pound echoweaver and her husband arrived. They looked at kitties and then we went out to a yummy Chinese buffet for dinner. The conversation was even better than the food, and we may start making this a regular event. We might also somehow tie it into gaming since all four of us are interested in joining or forming a campaign.
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