Cat (willowisp) wrote,

If you're going to insult my intelligence... least make an effort to appear legitimate. From a recent "Reactivate your ebay account" spam; copied and pasted; typos and grammatical errors are all theirs:

  • We are contacting you, for our safety and integrity of eBay!
  • <...> relogin your account by fill in your personal information.
  • This problem is regarding any eBay member
  • If u don`t respond in 24h after you received this Mail Information your account will closed and got out from our server
  • Please click here for decesion for actived your account ebay

This has, of course, been forwarded with all headers, not as an attachment and with the original subject line plus (fwd), to I expect I'll be told that it wasn't really ebay which sent it, which I find also to be insulting to my intelligence, especially since I forwarded it to spoof@ebay -- obviously I didn't believe a grammatically-tortured word of it.
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