Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Another Quick Update

I finished a lot of the cleaning I'd intended to do today; not all, but enough that Andy noticed. I also cleared up a small snafu which occurred when I tried to get my credit report yesterday and also got my FICO scores. Suffice to say that if we don't get the best rate possible on our mortgage that it is not because of my scores.

The nice UPS man arrived today bearing gifts. Andy is impressed at how well Elliot Bay wraps their books; individually and with plenty of overall padding. We also got the Finding Nemo DVD we pre-ordered. Tonight after dinner we're going to watch it. We never managed to see it in the theatres, so this will be a first-time treat.

Amusing anecdote: The other day we received notice that they've begun investigating Andy for his clearance. It was sent to and forwarded from our NC address.
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