Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Hunted Houses

Today Andy and I went back to Symphony to see the Copland plan. The person who lived there decorated it much as we might have, down to the two October Project CDs among his collection. The house itself is gorgeous -- I had been wondering if the kitchen would be too cramped since it seemed smaller than those on other plans, but it isn't. Then we went to Susan's office and speced it out for a general idea of price and such. Afterward we went to have lunch and talk things over.

After wheat-free Chinese (Yay for PF Chang's!) we headed over to the KB decorating floor. The woman there today was much nicer than the one the other day, who told me not to come back until I'd signed for a house. We also had one of the decorators help us out. I was correct about the whole lowest common denominator thing; a ton of stuff which is standard in Centex homes are all options ranging from $50 to $12,738 for carpet and tiles, and that was on a smaller plan than we ended up looking at.

We went to the KB development just by the central office, and I went in to look while Andy rang Susan to see if she would be around for another visit. The KB development is among a much larger development with several builders. Way way way back in. The lots are claustrophobic and the street ends don't have cul-de-sacs; you have to turn around in a very abrupt dead-end. They only had three lots left and were in the process of selling one of them. Of the two left, one is currently the KB office parking lot, and is actually quite large -- and comes with a $10,000 premium.

The woman was very much into the high pressure thing, which worked against her given Andy's feelings on being pressured. They were having a one day sale in which $8000.00 could be deducted from the cost of the house, and they were extending it until tomorrow. Anyway, we got a key to see the floor plan we were interested in, and it was fairly nice. Unfortunately I wasn't fond of any of the doors (garage or entry) offered by KB, and they don't offer a few of the things Centex does as standard. Still, maybe we'll go back tomorrow when we have more time. At that point Andy had raised Susan and she was hanging around for us to get there.

We went over the numbers again and decided to drop some of the extras. The house would be on the high end of within our means, but still within our means. Susan has taken the lot off of the market for a week or so so we can talk it over; she didn't even try to make us decide tonight or tomorrow. We'll probably go visit the lot at different times of day for the coming week, and make the decision by Friday, which Andy has off as part of his work schedule (He makes up the eight hours in two weeks and gets every other Friday off). Since it takes about six months to build from dirt and since our lease expires in July, we really should get going on having the thing started.
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