Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy had a well-deserved sleep-in this morning while I got up to feed the kitties. After I was done with my morning stuff I decided to doze a bit. When he came out from his shower he saw me, and we ended up cuddling for a while. We definitely need to do this more often.

He had a doctor's appointment at 2:30, so it didn't really make sense to go in to school beforehand. As often occurs, he was there until around four. When he got home I did a Post Office and grocery run. I returned home with my spoils, the highlight of which was the Brown Cow yogurt merlinofchaos and esmerel have been nudging us to try.

By then we deemed it a work-from-home day, and while I did some research on a project I hope to start later this year he plugged away at his dissertation. Over dinner we had a slight misunderstanding; we were discussing various job things and he mentioned consluting (spelling on purpose even if he pronounced it the traditional way), though he meant contracting. I was preparing to do a Radiskull take-off but he thought I was about to go into a diatribe about the evils of consluting. I was a bit confused as to why he was looking into things other than SGI until he pointed out that his grandboss from two summers ago could decide she needs those September demos badly enough that she'd fill the position. I hope that doesn't happen.

Another thing which came up at dinner was how tired he is. It seems he's been tired forever, now, and when I brought it up he said he was aware of it, and that he'd take a month's vacation now if he didn't want to get the dissertation over with. A while later I came up with the idea of him taking a week (or even the rest of this week) off; not working on the dissertation or worrying about job stuff unless he suddenly had a revelation or unless someone contacted him. I even suggested he not take his laptop when we go to visit Denny and Heather so that he can really get away from it all. He said he'd think about it. I hope he takes me up on it and recovers at least a little. At this point a week would not be enough to do much, but if it at least takes the edge off of his burnout it'd be worth it.

I saw a lot of police officers but not much else on my walk. At the moment I'm waiting to cool down just a bit more before I try to sleep. Thena is doing her serene kitty impression, watching Gail dash around in between bouts of trying to break down their favorite box. Every once in a while Thena gives the cutest "mrew?", as if watching the Widget, shrugging, and asking if I know what any of this is about. Gail's just gotten very quiet -- I think I'd better go see what she's up to.
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