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Busy Day

I got up at a decent time, didn't putter around too much, and got out the door with time to spare. Andy had given me directions to Old Town, and I got there easily. It is a very interesting place; a bubble of old town squares past surrounded on all sides by highways, fast food joints, etc. It took me a while to find a parking spot, and then even more time to get oriented despite the fact that I ended up parking in the same lot we used when we visited with Andy's parents.

I explored a bit and got some nice clothes at 50% off. I also got some Christmas shopping done, and I had a chance to look around more. I'll probably drag Andy back there so I can show him some fall foliage I found as I got lost leaving the area.

Alas the thing I went back to check on, a black broomstick with hot air balloons, had sold out. I've been trying to see if anyone sells them online, but so far I've come up empty. I do find it somewhat disturbing/interesting, however, that searching for the phrases "Hot air balloon" and "Broomstick skirt", as well as the plurals thereof, keep ending up finding pr0n sites. The problem with searching for just "Hot air balloon" and "Skirt" is that a skirt is a part-name for hot air balloons, so just searching for those terms turns up nearly 6000 sites about building a balloon. Ah well; I spent several years learning how to beat search engines up; looks like I have my new project.

I had an appointment today, and I left Old Town in time to get there. I did not account for getting lost, though. I did manage not to panic and ended up finding the road which lead to Rio Grande (where I took my stone-setting course), and from there I was able to get back to familiar territory. I also guessed incorrectly when it came to which way to turn onto the actual street, but I was able to fix that quickly and get there only a little late.

When we were shopping around for our new car, Andy and I at one point got vaguely lost and happened across a store which sells fitness equipment. I believe it was on a Sunday or later in the day so the place was closed, and neither of us could remember what street we were on at the time. One of the things the doctor I saw today mentioned was another fitness shop on 2nd, 4th, or 6th street. As I was prowling around the three streets I some some really familiar places, which makes me think that the one she mentioned is the one we ran into in September. I didn't find it, however, so I'll probably look it up in the yellow pages or something and go back tomorrow when I have a definite address. I also ran across and ambulance building, so I'll go back tomorrow and see if they have any paramedic or EMT shirts/hats/etc which I can get for Pamela's SO.

Andy and I had decided to start house-hunting, officially, on October 1st when I got back from Sandy's wedding, even if not that very day in practice. We then realized that our time actually in ABQ during October resembled a block of Swiss cheese, so we came to one of those unstated agreements to push it back to November. Andy had wanted me to get out and do stuff instead of just moping around (hence all of the running around I've been doing the past two days), and I decided that as a surprise I would begin scoping out the two builders we're most interested in: Centex, who built clubjuggler and jklgoduke's house; and KB, which has the deal with Equity. Once we get a baseline for what we want and how much it would cost new we can begin looking at things like custom-built, log cabins, or previously occupied.

Wrong turn number three led me way down Menaul, and just as I was about to turn around, I noticed a housing development name which was instantly familiar. I double-checked, and it was indeed the Centex property which had one of Andy's and my favorite floor plans. I went in and talked to the agent for a while. They have plans to build, and are in the process of building, the house type we were looking at. In fact, one of them is currently in the "You can walk through, but all you'll see is cement and the house shell" stage. We went through and I'm in love. I'll definitely be taking Andy back there when we get home. Also, if we make an appointment we can see the house in its finished state. Also also, they are building one final house which doesn't show up on the web page, but as I told her what we were looking for she thought it might be a good match. I have the floor plans for it as well.

Along with the fitness store on 2nd and two on Menaul which I found while perusing the yellow pages for the one on 2nd, I plan on going to KB HQ tomorrow. Andy and I stumbled across that also while visiting the CU to discuss the impending car purchase, and at one point, again while possibly lost, we saw one of KB's developments. Unfortunately KB has fscked with their page -- you must now have Flash just to look up the bloody floor plans. I really wish these companies would stop closing people out of their web pages, especially when the old HTML floor plans worked perfectly well in any graphical browser I used. Ah well, I'll probably fill out a comment card or something. Meanwhile, hopefully they can give me better directions to their developments than they have on their site.

There is some sort of Centex office very close to our apartment. Centex's site is also somewhat unhelpful, in that they don't list any HQ-type places, only the complexes. I'll stop by the office tomorrow and see if they're what I'm looking for (A central authority, more or less) or, if not, if they have one and if they will direct me to it.

Whenever I get over a cold I open a new toothbrush and wash the sheets and the nightgown which I wore for the duration in hot water. I may use my current toothbrush up until I leave but have a new one ready for when I get home, and I definitely won't wash the sheets until the day I leave for Seattle. I hope that by the time I get home I can sleep in our bed again instead of the twin-size in the spare room. I need to remember to get carnations for the flight folks and a new toothbrush while I'm out tomorrow.
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