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This isn't the interesting post you're looking for

Yesterday Andy drove to the airport, we smooched very chastely so he wouldn't catch my cold, and he disappeared into the terminal. I drove home and fielded a call from Monica; Myrtice is going on vacation and she wanted to know what kind of hours I'd be putting in. She thought she'd just awakened me due to my cold-laden voice. I went into KC despite my coughing on the theory that the air in the apartment is quite germ-saturated. Afterward I went to Whole Foods to do an abbreviated grocery run. While there a woman flagged me down and asked where I got my shirt. I mentioned that I volunteered for PACA at Kitty City. She looked relieved and noted that she was a member of the PACA board so was wondering who I was, but since she works with the dog side, that explained it.

Today I had thought of going to Old Town to look at some places which had caught my attention when we went with Andy's parents, then to get my hair cut, then to Kitty City. I ended up frittering away too much time for Old Town, but instead left early for KC and stopped in at a sports equipment store close to Clark's. The live-in pooches, very large black dogs, are named Jakey and Shadow, and they're real sweeties. I was the only customer so the two guys, without applying any pressure, were attentive.

They don't sell the Icon Fitness (Nordic Track, Pro Form, etc) trainers, but instead Life Fitness and their generic line, plus a brand I'd never encountered called Diamondback. The LF generic was about as nice as the Pro Form one at Sears and cost a whole lot more. Then I got on the LF model which Andy's parents have, and suddenly discovered why they cost six times what the Pro Form does -- it felt like I was walking on clouds. The next model up has adjustable strides, so you can take short walking steps up through long running steps. Oddly enough I disliked the top-of-the-line model.

The Diamondback elliptical is sort of weird -- it's almost like a cross between and elliptical and a stair-stepper. It felt, well, sort of intriguing, though I think I liked the LFs better. It's much smaller so fits better into apartments and it's much cheaper so fits better into budgets. I'll need to check up on them at epinions and such.

After playing with exercise machines I headed over to KC. Two of the three new ferts were in with the kitties; the third may've been sold since it wasn't in its cage, nor did I see it in the city. A girl came in to look at the ferrets and I told her immediately that I couldn't answer any questions about them, to which she replied "Ok. How old are they?" About four "I don't knows" later I finally said "I'm a volunteer for this room, and the ferrets belong to the store, so I can't answer any questions other than what I read from the signs." At least she had the grace to look apologetic and only ask me about the price twice more.

After KC I went to Great Clips to get my hair cut. It was a long time coming since I hadn't had it done since a month or three before I left NC. It turns out she had to trim the back way more than I'd expected to take care of the split ends. It's currently about at the point where I might put it up into a ponytail but it still seems a bit short for it. Afterward I went out to a grocery store, then to a restaurant, wherein I helped break in a new trainee. When I left I left a double-tip so each one would get a decent amount. It was the trainee's first night, and I have a feeling she'll do just fine.

The cold appears to have broken somewhat today. I'm coughing less, the coughs aren't as fierce, and they're beginning to be productive. I can breathe through my nose again for the most part. My throat is still a bit sore, but that seems to be as much a factor of the hour as a factor of the cold. Hopefully walking around outdoors will help.

I'm hoping to go to Old Town tomorrow, provided I'm up and about by noon. Without Andy here to keep me honest about bedtimes I tend to slip up, but I'm trying not to be too egregious in flaunting bedtime this time around. On that note, I think I'm off.
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