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I received perhaps the funniest spam I've ever gotten the other day, even funnier than the spam advertising to eliminate spam. It was a take on the Nigerian scam which I've never seen before -- the Bible-thumping born again approach. You see, this woman and her husband had been born again and went to another country to witness. He died (I forget how), and she's been struck with cancer and has three months to live.

Before dying her husband had accumulated a bunch of money which she wants to fall into good Christian hands. She asks that people not call because her husband's godless family is around and she doesn't want them to catch wind of this fortune and use it for their heathen ways (Apparently while the in-laws will eavesdrop on phone conversations they won't peer over her shoulder at the screen). Instead, just e-mail your bank account info etc and she'll send you the phone number of a lawyer who is God-fearing. Oh, and about half the message was Bible quotes which apparently had some relevance to what she was saying, at least in her cancer-addled mind. I sometimes wish Zeus would start chucking lightning again.

More fun in bureaucracy land for callicrates. He spent most of the past two days doing paperwork so he could talk to the folks at UNC. When he was hired, part of the understanding was that he'd be a liaison between Sandia and UNC, and his boss recently mentioned it was about time he started. Andy finally turned in the paperwork only to discover that he may not be able to go because he doesn't yet have his security clearance.

Now, Andy is currently what's called a "leper", which means he isn't cleared. Any time he goes into sensitive areas, he has to be accompanied. The escort will even yell into the men's room that an uncleared person is coming, so he's often treated to fascinating discussions of weather. The escort will also often call through the halls that an unsecured person is coming through, and people do turn their monitors so they can't be seen from the hall. In other words, Andy has not had any access to sensitive information, so if anything he's even safer to send than someone who has been and has to remember what not to say. Blech.

I've been fairly scarce online save for a post and one or two comments for the past few days. The reason is summarized here in a post in my ferretshock journal. Andy drove me in both days, and on each we saw hot air balloons. We ended up in a really cool area.

All week I've been fighting (and handily losing to) a cold. Yesterday when I went to Kitty City, every time I coughed it would scare the kitties who were on or near to me. There are three very cute new kittens: orange and white Tiger, all-black Shadow (I'm not sure why they put him in so close to Halloween), and a really weirdly-marked dilute tortie named Angelica. Tiger appears to be taking up where the last orange and white short-haired male, Friskie, left off -- curling up in the crook of my neck while I do my puzzles.

Last night I went to bed three times. The first I realized that if I didn't get chapstick on, my lips would be more cracked come morning than the local desert. The second time I decided to try my inhaler, even though this is obviously a cold and not an asthma attack. It only made the cough worse. Finally, in order to spare Andy the constant wake-ups, I headed into the spare bedroom. I'll be sleeping there again tonight, which means no cuddling with Andy the night before he leaves. Sigh. I really wish I could take over-the-counter cold medication. I especially miss Nyquil.

Andy has been absolutely wonderful. This morning I awakened to a really bad coughing fit only to find him holding me for the worst of it. Then we talked, but I was still mostly asleep, and he went downstairs for a while. He came back up later and held me through some more coughing, then mentioned he was going out to breakfast and asked if I wanted anything. I said a bagel, which I know is a no-no. Fortunately they were out of plain, so I ended up not tempting the allergy fates while sick. While he was out he also got some lemon tea which he drank last time he was sick and veggies for the chicken soup I started yesterday, only to discover I had forgotten to buy the veggies.

I was vaguely awake when he came back and said they'd been out of bagels. He left the door open, and miraculously Heidi decided not to play her favorite game, ambush the sleeping human. Instead she curled up in the crook of my neck, and I only awakened when she began kneading my throat with her clawed little paws. It was 15:00 or 16:00 which is late even by my standards.

Andy had done dishes, laundry, refilled the kitty water bowl and cleaned the kitchen. I am grateful beyond words, though I tried to come up with the proper ones to say "Thank you". I need to get to bed early tonight since I have to drive him to the airport tomorrow. He was worried that I might not be in any shape to drive, but hopefully if I get enough sleep I'll only be coughing due to the cold and not because I'm tired.
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