Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was somewhat better -- Gail hasn't mauled me yet, at the very least. After finishing my journal entry and waiting for the bleeding to stop last night I did some much-needed cleaning which I'd been putting off. Technically I didn't have it done by Sunday, but I did have it done before Andy woke up on Monday. I also got his lunch ready to go in case I didn't awaken while he was getting ready.

He got up at I-don't-even-want-to-think-of-it early this morning and took the car in. I woke up, but managed to get back to sleep after he left. Thena made sure I was up in plenty of time to feed them (Gail was still banished), and Monday resumed where it had left off last night.

Yesterday I discovered that an outfit which I adore and which has been on closeout for months was only available in two sizes -- small and 2x. Since I am due for some new clothes Andy agreed that we should get it. On the shipping page I noticed that ground was $7.50 and overnight was $6.00. Andy said that sometimes shipping companies will give huge breaks to volume customers, so I selected overnight and it indeed charged only $6.00 for shipping.

Fast forward to this morning. After feeding the kitties and drinking my coffee, I decided to check on the order status. It was listed as ready to ship (I was afraid they might be out, given how they'd sold out most of the other sizes), but the shipping cost had gone from $6.00 to $34.75. I called the company and found out that $6 is the extra processing fee above and beyond what UPS charges (those of you who know the law better than Andy and I do: is it legal to raise the total after a customer has submitted completed the purchase?). Anyway, she wasn't sure if the order was past the point of no return, but she said she'd talk to the shipping manager and call me back. I spent most of the rest of the day waiting for the phone call and trying to figure out how to make up to Andy for effectively doubling the price he'd initially expected.

Most of the rest of the day's insults were small things; irritants and annoyances. A lot of my friends were having bad days, though, and I heard some very sad news about one in particular. On the other hand, my mother-in-law read my journal and we found out something else which we have (or rather, which we had) in common and which we've both improved tremendously from. It's nice to find out you're not the only one.

I hadn't showered by mid-afternoon because I was still waiting for the phone call, and there is a portion of Murphy's Law dedicated to when a call will be returned. I finally decided just to take the shower, and when I was done Andy reported that the car was finished, everything had gone routinely, and the cost was $2.00 lower than we'd been quoted. This also means we'll be able to visit Denny and Heather and Regina (their older daughter) and meet Danielle (the newest daughter) this weekend. Both Heather and Regina have birthdays in August, so I'll be able to give them their presents. Regina's getting the prototypes of the necklace/bracelet bead sets which I've given up selling on eBay. It's only fair since she was the initial model for sizing purposes. I also know she'll like it because she said she really wanted it at just about the time Thena batted the unknotted strand to the four corners of the apartment. In case Heather's reading this I won't say what hers is.

After Andy got home I checked the website for the clothing company, and the charge for shipping is now $7.50. Andy thinks I should have only been charged $6.00 (and gotten overnight for it), but for $1.50 I'm not going to quibble. Also, the thing is long-sleeved, which means I'm not going to need it for quite a while. The temperature has been slowly creeping up to the highs we were having a week or two ago, so even the people most prone to cold are in short sleeves at the moment.

I'll be going to Rome between the 22nd and the 26th. The airfares Andy found were some sort of summer or fall sale, so even though I couldn't go last weekend the prices were still good for the weekend after this one. As an added bonus my uncle and aunt from Rhode Island will be there, so I'll get to see them. The chemo has, unsurprisingly, made Grandpa very sick, but by the 22nd it'll hopefully have mostly worked its way out of his system and he'll be up to seeing us. It's sometimes amazing how much you can loathe what the last best hope is doing to someone.

It's almost Tuesday now. I rather hope the rest of the week decides that Monday got in enough punches and leaves Andy and me alone. I also hope, though it's not much, that things get better for certain friends who are suffering far more than I am at the moment. I know that they would simply love to have everything I've been griping about happen to them if only it meant life wasn't pummeling them so hard. I am thinking about those friends and sending best wishes their way, for what it's worth.
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