Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Calling All Seattle Folk

I've been meaning to post this for a week or three, but something always came up. So, before I can find something else to do again, here goes:

callicrates will be arriving on Sunday in Seattle at, in his words, "probably lunch-time-ish". As far as I know he has no plans for any of the evenings, and he can post to correct me if I'm mistaken. Depending upon whether his hotel (the Doubletree by the airport) has a restaurant or not, and depending on if he can cajole people into picking him up for dinner, he may or may not rent a car.

If he doesn't, I will when I arrive at about 12:45 on Thursday. We're both flying home on Sunday at 14:15. 9thmoon has asked if we have any plans on Friday, which I'm guessing means she has something in mind. The people I know we plan to see while there are 9thmoon, torquemada, and our friends Lars and Yee Man. I'm also hoping maybe to meet hopeyhopey, if she sees this.

I'm going to see if I can try to arrange things via LJ, so hopefully Lars/Yee Man will take me up on my offer of a code or two and/or post comments as anonymous. If anyone has ideas of things to do or places to go, please let us know. Andy's conference lasts until Friday, but we'll both have Thursday and Friday evenings (pending 9thmoon's evil plans for world domination) and all of Saturday to play with.
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