Cat (willowisp) wrote,

City Update

Shadow was adopted while I was away. I'm going to miss her; she was very sweet in an understated way. Moon and Shine (black and orange/white brothers) were also adopted. Today Dr Z was adopted by the people who had adopted Fluffy, his mother. I came in at the tail end so I got to say goodbye. On one hand it's good that he has a home, and I got good vibes from the two guys who adopted him, but shardit, I wanted to adopt that cat. Stupid pet limits. At least we'll be getting a house in the not-too-distant future.

In other news, the grizzled old Captain is back. I remember his fur as being fairly rough, but this time it's very soft. He curled up on my crossword puzzle book while I was up and about dealing with people, and he hung out with me when I finally sat down. At the age of six, he's a lot less likely to be adopted. Who knows, maybe he'll be around when I can expand the furry side of our family.

A woman came into Kitty City today, and she pegged my wrongness meter in a big way. Part of it was her telling Monica and Myrtice what to do, as if she knew better than they did. Part of it was her absolute lack of affinity for the cats she was interested in. None of them returned the favor. In fact Seven (so named due to a kink in her tail which looks like the number seven when viewed from the side), one of the sweetest and most affectionate cats in the City, purred as I got her down, but as soon as she was handed to the lady she stopped. The lady kept her in her lap and she didn't purr at all, a fact the lady repeated many times, as if perhaps we could somehow turn on Seven's purrbox or something. I had a particularly vicious jab of glee when the lady left, I picked up Seven, and she began chewing on my shirt and purring her furry little throat out.
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