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Due to various things I haven't done a real post in quite a while, so I figured I'd do a nice non-political update of things which have happened in the somewhat recent past. As mentioned in an earlier rant Andy and I went to a wedding this week and had a lovely time. The wedding itself warrants a post of its own, free from the mundanity of my life and the political charge of my last post.

I've mentioned before that I have some form of relatives in Albuquerque. They are somewhere in the once-removed or even weirder category, so for simplicity we call the parents Mom's cousins and the twin daughters my cousins. Marine, the mother, is allergic to wheat, hence I'm pretty sure my wheat allergy comes from my maternal grandfather's side. Joel (pronounced as if it was spelled Joelle) is celiac and works on several hot air balloon crews. The one I know most about is shaped like a shoe and, I believe, named something similar to "Old Mother Hubbard". Tautra, who has a wheat allergy similar to mine, works on a balloon called Squawk which looks like a regularly-shaped balloon from the back, but which has a beak on the front. It is an homage to a musician whose fans are called "Parrot Heads", but they're not allowed to say who because some fan club or other flipped out.

Tautra recently got engaged to a guy who works at Sandia. Like Andy he's a leper, though he's further along in the clearance process. He and Andy have exchanged e-mails, though they don't work in the same area. When Andy's parents were here we went to the Balloon Fiesta and I went looking for the shoe or the parrot. I finally found Squawk, and Tautra was working there. I got her last Squawk trading card. Using other amusingly-shaped/colored balloons and cell phones, I managed to get Andy there in time for him to meet Tautra and Brian in person. They were both on the chase crew, however, so the meeting was cut short. Joel had crewed for a balloon other than the shoe that day, so we didn't see her. We really need to meet up with them more often.

One of the things Marine and co told us about was a local wheat-sensitive-friendly Chinese restaurant, PF Chang's. It's a chain, and in the past Andy and I haven't had the best of luck with chain Chinese restaurants (Panda Express, anyone?), so we avoided it for quite a while. We recently had to pick up our registration from the CU auto place and since Chang's was nearby we decided to try it. I am so very glad we did. I didn't bring any Tamari soy sauce with me, but when I asked the manager he said they would be happy to use it if I did. The wonton soup was excellent, or at least the broth was -- it was really flavorful. While the GF menu looked particularly dismal (mostly "Dish, tell them to hold the sauce"), I found out that if you want something like sweet and sour chicken they'll dredge it in potato starch and wok-toss it. The sweet and sour sauce itself is very good and not colored as if it was made in a neon factory. Andy really enjoyed his food as well.

One day last week during the day time, a young man came in to Clark's. He was there for cat food or some such, but when he passed Kitty City, Shadow jumped up onto one of the perches and meowed at him. He went in to look, and on Thursday he brought his elderly mother to look at the City. They fell for Emily (DMH gray and white poofball), Frieda (DMH tortie), and Lovie (Heidi's brother). That evening they came back while I was on duty, bringing her husband. She introduced him as "The man who, 37 years ago, said there would absolutely never be a cat living in his house". They had to put down their last cat at the age of 19 in March. The old man fell something fierce for Emily and Lovie, and the younger one was enchanted with Frieda. Evian, Emily's brother, seemed to fall for the old guy. They left after putting in an application for Emily, possibly Evian, possibly Freida, and Lovie.

Monica called and left a message on my answering machine (since we had to catch our plane before Clark's opened on Friday) that the old couple ended up adopting Emily, Freida, and Lovie. Also, a deaf woman who has come to KC a few times visited again and fell for Seven, a sweet tabby with a crooked tail (hence the name Seven) who loves nursing on people. She said she needed to talk to her husband, but with any luck Seven will be going home too. It is so cool having definitely helped find a home for three cats, and possibly finding a home for the fourth.

In "amusing misplacement" news, such as putting milk in the microwave or ice cream in the cupboard, Andy or I really did it this time. I don't remember if I did it or Andy did, but there was some casserole left on Thursday night and one of us put it into the oven. Today, without checking the oven, I turned it to 450 and began pre-heating it. A while later I noticed that I was smelling something, and went to find a very burned casserole and a melted serving spoon. At least there was no fire, and the baked potato ended up being yummy. The glass baking pan is currently soaking in hopes of some of the char coming loose.

Finally, speaking of misplaced things, I still haven't found my puzzle book. I did, however, find a plastic bag I brought home from the airport. In it was a Delta ticket-holder thingy, and it was really thick. I opened it up, and it held both the cancelled tickets and the United ticket-holder thingy, which in turn held the voucher for the free flight which I thought I'd lost. I had just received the $75.00 consolation voucher from United the day before. I'll write to them later to ask what I should do with the latter now that I've found the former. I am in the happy predicament, though, of figuring out how to use a free RT.

Andy's absolutely cool boss has done and gone what Andy was afraid he'd do -- gotten himself promoted clear out of the department. Andy is, of course, somewhat worried, since it would be hard to top Phillip and very easy not to be as wonderful as he was. I'm hopeful that, given everything we've heard about Sandia from the locals and given their 1% annual turnover rate, the new boss will end up being very nice. It does, however, mean that the potential trip in November to visit Chapel Hill will probably not happen until December. On the other paw, it also means we will be in ABQ for all of November. I'm hoping to use a lot of that time in house-hunting, since we've rarely had time to breathe NM air this month. Andy leaves for Seattle on Saturday, for those keeping score, and I join him on Thursday.

I think that's all for now, except for a review of the wedding in another post. I believe our elliptical hunt will resume in the coming days, which will be good given the state of our poor Nordic Track. If anyone out there has experience with home ellipticals and strong opinions for or against a particular brand, please let Andy and me know. I read on epionions that a lot of Nordic Track ellipticals have problems with regard to making noise and becoming unusable quickly, and most of the other brands out there are owned by the same parent company: Icon Fitness. None of their other brand-names seemed to have the problems which NTs did, but I am a bit wary since they presumably are not designed all too differently.
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