Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Ok, time for a real entry

Let's see, things which have happened recently...

Our new car continues to be wonderful, and now says "Narf" thanks to the NM MVD.

There are a lot of people to whom I owe e-mail.

Monica (Heidi's foster mom) is back and feeling better.

Andy continues to get better at grilling steaks. Yum.

Gail and Heidi continue to be cute.

I have a feeling the staging area album on is overflowing, but Neverest is down or electricity is out in Durham again, so I can't check.

Andy and I need some help with casting the next Muppet Movie.

We looked at ellipticals at Sears today. Oddly enough, one of the cheaper models was the smoothest. When we got home we discovered the manufacturer undercuts Sears by $100 and is offering free shipping until Oct 12th. Does anyone know if there is any significant difference between a Pro-Form 800 and a Sears Pro-Form 820, or is it the same model but numbered especially for Sears? I couldn't find 800 or 820 on epinions, but they did list the 700 and 900. We also got the manufacturer and model number of Andy's parents' elliptical -- it costs 6-7 times what the one we were looking at did. I believe we'll be waiting for quite a while before we get one like theirs.

Andy came home from work sick today, so send nice thoughts and/or prayers his way. Especially since we're taking plane trips on Friday, and sinuses get really nasty that far up.

If I'm really fast tomorrow I may get caught up on all the housework which piled up while I was in upstate NY.
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