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So by now most people reading this journal have heard of the latest thing our beloved Governor Bush has done. For those who haven't, all of the holier-than-thou religious fanatics who can't keep their morals in their (own) pants will be celebrating "Marriage Protection Week". One might think, given that I'm married, that I would be happy for this chance to gloat about how, for once, I'm superior to a whole lot of people.

The person who would think that is bloody wrong. I don't want to have more rights than some of my best friends; some of my friends who were there for me when the straight folks in my life could not have cared less. So yes, I created a new icon in honor of "Defense of Marriage" week. I will be writing some more during the week in question due to a meme I link to later. I may well rant about it before that week, and I almost certainly will afterward. All of my non-het friends (as well as me, since I am not a het) deserve better than this atrocity of a proclamation.

A wonderful post by ladysisyphus which alerted me to the whole travesty. Thanks to 9thmoon for the link.

The meme proposed by ladysisyphus.

Some more ideas of things people can do by folk. I found this in a comment from ecwoodburn in a friend's comment section.

There isn't all fury, though. At least this gives the opportunity for some gallows humor.

Take, for instance, this post by grifyn. Thanks to rani23 for the heads-up; or this Ozy and Millie comic strip about the lovely irony of certain tv stations and their views on marriage. I believe I swiped the link from ysabel.
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