Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I haven't done so yet, but I hope to in this coming week. As a quick recap, I went to my cousin's wedding and visited Mom for a week, came home, and the next day Andy's parents arrived. They were here until earlier this afternoon, when we took them to the airport. I would've thanked them for everything but I wanted them to have a chance to catch their plane.

When I came home on Wednesday I was bumped at Syracuse. It was fairly amusing because apparently this hasn't happened forever; every time the gate agent mentioned on the phone that I'd been bumped, she immediately followed with "Yes, it's true!" I had volunteered and was walking down the jetway when she called me back, and not only did she give me a roundtrip voucher but she also booked me on Delta in first class for two hops. Have I ever mentioned that first class is very nice?

Unfortunately, because I was bumped so late my luggage went with the United flight(s). When I got to ABQ I went to United's baggage office, but the suitcase wasn't there. He said I'd have to report it to Delta, so I went over. I'd put my voucher into my 1000 crossword puzzle book, and either I left it at Delta's desk or dropped it en route to the parking lot. Every day since then I've been ringing the airport lost and found, United's baggage office and Delta's baggage office. I know I had the book in Delta's office because i had to give the person the baggage claim ticket.

Today while Andy went as far as security with his parents I went in person. Sort of. It turns out United's baggage office was closed so I called the number they gave and got the ticket counter. I need to remember to send in a compliment for Jason, who tried everything short of offering me a replacement voucher. The woman in the Delta baggage claim actually had me come into the office and look at all of the books; no dice. Then the airport lost and found reported it wasn't there. I'm still hoping that maybe someone will realize it has identifying information in it and return it to Delta or United or the airport lost and found.

I'm incredibly annoyed with myself for losing the RT, but when I called to report the loss to United, I wasn't expecting anything except perhaps for them to cancel the ticket. It clearly states that the voucher cannot be replaced, but I thought it was transferable and I didn't want someone using it and possibly doing something bad in my name. The very nice woman assured me that it is not transferable, so unless someone with my first and last name found the book, they won't be able to use it. She also offered me a voucher for $75.00 off of my next flight, even though I let her know that I'd read the rules and wasn't expecting anything. United has definitely gone out of its way to help at this point.

When I went grocery shopping today I went over to Borders to replace the crossword puzzle book (Sniffle. I'd already finished over forty, and most of those suckers are hard). While going in I noticed a Far Side Gallery, one which we didn't have, on closeout for $6.00. Needless to say I came home with not one book (The puzzle book I was looking for was in-stock), but two. If anyone in ABQ wants to grab it, it's at the Borders near Whole Foods on Wyoming and Academy. If anyone not in ABQ wants me to pick up a copy, just let me know. It's The Far Side Gallery 4 with a foreword by Robin Williams.

I hope tomorrow to resume something approaching a schedule, and I hope to start tonight by getting to bed on time. I'll hopefully be around more this week, at least until we leave on Friday for the wedding.
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