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Yet another brief update

First and foremost: Welcome to danmanistan. Those who knew Andy at NWU will recognize him as Dan.

The in-law visit progresses. We went on a balloon ride today, despite some edgy moments before launch when there was lightning. It cleared up enough by dawn to allow flight.

Even when it's cold, the hot air jets in the balloon kept me toasty warm.

The mass ascensions are beyond anything I could have imagined, especially when you see them from a hot air balloon. It was just incredible.

Since we weren't interested in most of the events proper today we went to Old City. I do believe we will be returning there, possibly before erish's wedding.

After driving Emily and Tom to the airport tomorrow we have four days of airport-free bliss before hopping on another plane to the aforementioned wedding.

Gail and Heidi continue to be cute, though I firmly believe that Andy is sadistic when he awakens me by letting the kitten in the room. I never thought I'd consider Gail the calm one.

The quiz as well as some answers shamelessly swiped from ladonne.

Age: Subtract 1971 from the current year.

Boyfriend: Andy (husband actually).

Chore you hate: Hand-washing silverware.

Dad's name: Charles.

Essential make up item: Don't wear it.

Favorite actress: Lea Solonga.

Gold or silver: Depends upon the stone.

Hometown: Rome, New York.

Instruments you play: Clarinet, flute, recorder, voice. I could probably pick up guitar again if I had incentive.

Job title: Volunteer cat herder.

Kids: Gail, Heidi, and the memory of Thena.

Living arrangements: Andy and I live in an apartment in Albuquerque.

Mom's name: Yvonne.

Number of people you've slept with: Unanswered due to painful subject matter.

Overnight hospital stays: When I was born, mostly due to a fierce blizzard.

Phobia: That would be telling.

Quote you like: No outfit is complete without cat hairs.

Religious affiliation: Vaguely moderate Christian with emphasis on CS Lewis and George MacDonald; strong druidic leanings.

Sibling: "Little" sister, Pamela.

Time you wake up: 19:00 or so.

Unique habit: Identifying by count and by name all cats within Kitty City, often more than once in any given volunteer session.

Vegetable you refuse to eat: Any to which I'm allergic.

Worst habit: Procrastination.

X-rays you've had: Lungs several times; usually eventually diagnosed as bronchitis or strep throat.

Yummy food you make: Midnight chocolate cake.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius.
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