Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

...or Cats and women, for that matter. Or Cats who are women. Or whatever. Anyway, we didn't go to Howe Caverns today; Mary couldn't meet us tomorrow, so we went today. Lunch was nice and we caught up on stuff. The weather was sort of weird, and at one point when the sun came out I asked if we could go to Moose River. We raced the clouds there, and at the first stop I got some gorgeous photos of sun-bathed trees. By the second stop (the nicest one) it was gloomy, but that made the vibrant leaves stand out more. By the time we got into the car it was raining. Then there was a cloudburst, and by the time it had exhausted itself we were back at a stop we had missed. I took a few more pictures until it started raining again.

After dropping Mary off at home we went to a Honda dealer. They offered a good price, but more than Mom was willing to pay. Then we got some corn for dinner (they leave it out and trust people to pay) and went home to cook it. Afterward we went up to Uncle Doug and Julie's to return something Pamela had borrowed from them, and see CJ one last time. Well, at least until Christmas for me, and until the next time they need her to babysit for Mom. We're going to try for Howe Caverns tomorrow, then Mom is thinking of renting the Harry Potter movies since she fell asleep the first time she tried to watch one.
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