Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was basically another day. I did some housework but still have more to do. We did our weekly grocery run, with Andy dropping me off and going to get Chinese for dinner while I shopped.

All of my auctions are now over, and I'm not sure what, if anything, I'll list on Tuesday. I forgot our car was going to be in pieces tomorrow, so I may not get to ship the auctions. I also just realized as I was typing this that I made a huge mistake. I was auctioning a deck of cards (standard poker) and a kaleidoscope. I sent the woman who won the kaleidoscope rates for shipping the cards -- a 3lb difference. If she freaks too much I'll just pay the difference since it was my mistake, but I hope she doesn't. Oh fsck -- even if she is ok with the 3lb higher price I forgot to tell UPS that it was residential; I guess I'll just pay the extra $2.00. Update -- she didn't get my second mail before she paid, so I guess it'll be more like $4.00.

I saw Cornelius on round 3 of my walk today and stopped briefly to scritch him. On round 4 I saw him scaling the latticework which covers the front porches around here; I'm guessing to the apartment where he belongs. On round 5 there was no sign of him but a bunny dashed right by me. It may've been the lighting, but it seems like this one was gray rather than brown, so not the one or two I've seen on the other side of the complex.

When I got home Gail came over to greet me. I went to pick her up, and I don't know what happened, but the next second she was swinging her front paw at my face, then digging her claws in. I think I've stopped bleeding now, and luckily she only got the very top of my lip and the area of the cheek just under my eye. About two centimeters higher and it would have been bad news. All the same, I think I'm leaving her outside of our bedroom tonight. It looks like Monday started getting its punches in early.
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