Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Quick Note

We got three new kittens in Kitty City today: Lara (Dr Zhivago's orange and white sister), Licorice (all black) and Panda (black and white). Myrtice took Blackberry home to see how Shadow does without her. I'm in the process of moving a bunch of pictures to the Kitty City area, though I probably won't get to caption them until I get home. I'm leaving all of the recent Gail/Heidi pictures in the staging area. The jumpoff page is here; staging area is its own album and Kitty City is an album within the "Cat's Pictures" album.

I leave tomorrow for Upstate NY. It'll be a very long day, three hops. I'll hopefully be able to journalize most of the time I'm there. If not, see y'all in a week or so.
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