Cat (willowisp) wrote,


On Sunday I backslid quite a bit (well, almost completely, and the "almost" is iffy). I mostly made up for it today by changing the sheets, washing them and the towels, doing two days' worth of laundry, paying a bill Andy asked me to, finding an invitation Andy asked me to, and cleaning the kitchen. We think I did something else he asked me to, but neither of us can remember what it was.

Kitty City has been interesting the last few days. Someone who I absolutely do not think is worthy of Dr. Z (she kept squeezing him tighter when he struggled to be put down; and yes, I've told Monica and Myrtice) put in an application for him. She also listed a much more mellow cat, Puffy, as a second choice. I think she'd be ok for him. I did tell Myrtice that my wish to adopt Dr Z as soon as we get a house may have played into this as a prejudice. Also, someone wants to separate Blackberry and Shadow. While under normal circumstances I wouldn't expect Monica to cave, she's been really sick; hospitalized twice in September for pneumonia or something very like it. I hope this doesn't cause her to back down rather than putting up a fight to keep the two together.
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