Cat (willowisp) wrote,

End of an Innocence

Yesterday wasn't bad; there just wasn't much worth writing about. Driving the new car is wonderful; it's very quiet, has decent pickup, and much better brakes than the pimpmobile did. I actually feel like I'll stop in time.

Today the big event was getting me a cell phone. Andy decided he wanted a reliable way for me to get in touch while at Sandy's wedding, which is being held several hundred miles away from Mom's computer. My favorite phone was very low-tech, but to do messaging we would have needed to pay for a plan which would have ended up costing more in the long run. My second favorite was a step up tech-wise, but it turned out that due to a special they're running it was more expensive than the top-of-the-line model. We ended up going with the top of the line, which means I have a camera in the phone. I suppose if the pictures end up being high enough quality when transferred over, I may be able to stop hauling the camera to Kitty City.

Shirley, who had gone to her foster home a week ago, was adopted today, and Gray Boy was adopted over the week. Today some people came in after the adopt-a-thon and, much to my dismay, they were taken most with Dr Z. I really don't think they're the correct people for him. Of course since I desperately want to adopt him as soon as we have a house, that might be coloring things a bit. Another couple (who I thought would have been much worthier of Doc) fell in love with Muffin. I hope she gets adopted; she's had a rough time.
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