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Big Blecherous Buick Begone!

In between hurricanes knocking down our network and my recent day-to-day goals, it would have been somewhat busy. One other major wrench got thrown in, though we're not complaining. We now have, sitting in our garage, a blue Honda Accord LX. And suddenly we can walk in our garage again.

Andy left work at 14:00 and went to the CU to deal with car loan paperwork, then came to get me at just after 15:00. We went down to the CU pseudo-dealership place which had gotten the best price for our car and filled out paperwork and listened to the guy talk. I was already feeling a bit irritable (I had been sick earlier in the day and breakfast had not lasted long enough to be digested). It was even more irritating because, save for one or two minor points, every single thing was basically read to us from the various warranties and handbooks. Now, I know why he had to do this, but I still could have used the hour for better purposes than being spoon-fed what anyone who drives a car should be able to read themselves.

Afterward we went to State Farm and tweaked our insurance. That went fairly well until Andy realized he'd left his laptop at the CU dealership. He phoned and asked them if they could stay open until we could get there, and then we went and returned the pimpmobile to the hell from whence it came <ahem>. It was very cathartic moving all of our stuff into our car and leaving the blimp behind. Finally, we have real brakes again! And a car which actually fits into one parking space, and doesn't take up 1 1/4 lanes of the road. Ah, bliss.

We went back to get the laptop, and the dealership guy was standing out in front with it. He was really nice and I liked him a lot; the main irritant wasn't him, it was what he had to go through in this age of litigation. By then it was about 18:15 and Clark's closes at 19:00. The dinner I had planned for today takes at least an hour to cook. Even if we had skipped Clark's (since it probably would have been closed by the time we got there), the idea of not eating until 20:00 was not appealing. We'd been planning on vetting some steak places before his parents visited, and one of them was in line-of-sight from the dealership. We decided to give it a try. callicrates has a review, comparing it with the last place we went to, here.

I also got a good price on plane tickets to visit both sets of 'rents over the December holidays. Gail and Heidi are very cuddly and sweet. And tonight for the first time since I instituted my self-overhaul, I'll be getting to bed on time.
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