Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was fairly quiet. I was up in time to feed the kitties, Andy did his time on the Nordic track, we went out for lunch and then got our hair cut. When we got home I strung two flower bead necklace and bracelet sets for two of Andy's or my little cousins. I received an electronic postal scale and tried to coax the kitties onto it. Gail weighs about 8 lbs and 3 oz, while Thena is firmly in the "leave me out of your plans, you weirdo" mode.

My mood was in a fairly large swing, with highs and lows often very close to one another. One frustrating thing did happen -- I got a question from a potential bidder, but when I went to reply it bounced as "user unknown". I then tried to send it via eBay's contact another user form and that bounced as well. I asked Andy to send the reply from his school address in case our domain was blocked for some reason, but it bounced there as well. I tried to get the person's phone number, but eBay only gives it out if the person has already bid. I spent half an hour reading every FAQ with even remote relevance, then another half hour trying to get to one of their "contact us" spots. Since I've not yet received a reply I doubt they will get to it before the auction ends. I did everything I could, but I still feel awful for not getting back to him. He'll probably think I was blowing him off or something.

I'll probably look into airfares to Syracuse for this coming weekend or the one afterward. I'm not sure how far in advance the tickets need to be purchased for the fares Andy found, or if they don't care as long as someone flies. If I can swing it in the next two weekends hopefully I won't have to face him fresh out of chemo, at least not yet.
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