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I mentioned an overhaul briefly in my journal yesterday. The plan is to overhaul how I spend my days. I'm not dedicating times (yet) to everything, but there are times frames. There are certain things I hope to get done every day by the time Andy gets home from work. Among those are being showered and dressed, having laundry at least in the dryer, eating something resembling actual meals rather than grazing all day, and (once we get the elliptical) exercising regularly for 60 minutes total (either in one hour-long shot or two half-hour sessions) per day. I also plan on scheduled volunteering (17:00-19:00 Mon-Sat and 15:00-17:00 Sunday) with some exceptions: things like if Andy has to stay late at work, or if we have doctor appointments, or if I'm out of town.

Kitty City is pretty quiet these days. We got four new kittens on Saturday, but they all got snapped up during the adopt-a-thon, as did kitten Boomer. His brothers, Frisky and Tipper, were taken home because they were trying to nurse off one another, so they're spending some time with a surrogate mother. Pocket Weasel was sold, but Tube Rat and Carpet Shark are still around. I also know now that the latter two are males, so I don't have to refer to them as "it"s any more. Dr Z (a kitten I fell in love with about the time I got Heidi who had to go home due to ringworm) is back, as is his orange brother Evian. If I had named the Doc, it would have been "Mistoffeles" since his facial markings are just like the make-up for the character in Cats.

I'm attending the wedding of my cousin Sandy (and visiting family for about a week) next week. Then there's erish's wedding on October 11th, and then Seattle to join Andy at his IEEE conference and meet/hang out with people the weekend of October 24th. I wonder if the cats will recognize us when all is said and done. Andy may set up the Foo cam again while I'm in Rome so I can see the kitties and him.

I'll probably have some real news in a few days. We still have the pimpmobile (aka big ugly boat, aka <censored>) and are still working on getting a car to replace our poor Civic.

The other night I heard a crash followed by the sound of pills rolling around (still in the jar). I had bought aspirin earlier that day but not yet opened it, so the seal was still intact and I wasn't too worried. It soon became obvious that someone was playing so enthusiastically that we wouldn't get any sleep if I didn't take it away. I turned on the light, and it turned out Gail and Heidi were tag-teaming. They'd knocked Andy's pill container off of the counter and gotten one of the compartments open. A quick check with him revealed that the compartment had not been empty. I saw Heidi playing with something, and when she saw me looking she put her paw over it. Pill #1. I finally found pill #2 under the bathroom scale. Oh well, at least I didn't have to make any calls to the kitty poison hotline.
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