Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Another Day

The thing which happened with yesterday's doctor which impressed me so much also happened with today's. Quick background: after a doctor seriously took advantage of my hypochondria, I refused to go to them for some dozen years, except in a few isolated emergencies (like when Andy threatened to call an ambulance if I didn't go of my own accord). When I finally saw those at UNC, they all worked fairly independently. The only one who tried to contact the other doctors was my diabetes one, Dr. Vimmerstedt. Yesterday, the doctor said he would want to be in touch with every other doctor I see (with my permission). So did today's. I just never realized that doctors would coordinate with one another, so it's really surprised me.

Oh, and when yesterday's doctor asked when the next appointment should be (he'd written a refill for now), I went with the usual UNC default of "three months". He said "You need to take care of your doctor, too. Until I see if these are working I want to see you a lot more often than that". Wow. I'm not being sarcastic; I think that's absolutely incredible.

Today's doctor recommended a lifestyle/diet book, and since all of the bathrooms in her building were locked, Andy and I headed over to B&N to borrow theirs. While in there I chatted with an employee about the missing soap dispenser, and she said it'd been pried off the wall and stolen by a customer. I sympathized and mentioned Mau Mau and Suzanne. She told me about a mauled cat found somewhere nearby -- I'm praying it wasn't either of our two. The woman said she wasn't a cat person, but if she ever caught someone mutilating one she'd tie them down and do the same to them to see how they liked it.

In other news, the CU guy finally called back with information on the car. All three places which bothered to look for one configured to our specs has found the same one in Colorado Springs. We have three different prices, with the CU's being the lowest. They also asked if we'd mind if they installed some of the stuff on their own, which I hope means it would be cheaper than dealer-installation while being the same stuff. All I know is if we get one of those obnoxious alarms which blasts different siren sounds I'll beat someone. Anyway, tomorrow the CU guy will call to say how much shipping will be and how long it'll take. I hope not very; the pimpmobile is getting really old.

Today while I was volunteering some children came in. I'm not good at guessing ages, but I'd put the little boy somewhere between two and four and the two girls between seven and ten. They were very polite, gentle, and left kitties alone if I told them the cat was shy. The little boy asked if he could pick them up, and listened when I told him how to. Then the mothers and a third little girl (about the same age as the two other girls) came in. The third one was afraid of being scratched; I'm so glad I'd left the ferts in their cage since I bet she would've been in worse shape when they started nibbling on her.

One of the mothers has a really nasty neighbor who lures and traps cats and takes them to the pound, and one of hers disappeared last week. I recommended she make up posters and take them to all of the shelters in case he is turned in. She also found some food left out for cats which she's afraid may be poisoned and she was wondering how she could find out. She said the police didn't care and the shelter workers have never called her back. I recommended taking it to the university to see if anyone can analyze it. I know UNC would do that if you brought samples.
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