Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Quick Entry

I don't have time to go into much detail, so here's the short form:

Doc was in today. It was very different from talking to the doctors at UNC. I'll expand on that later.

There's a new journal for Albuquerque RPGers, abqgamers.

Snowy (six year-old huge fluffy white cat) got adopted.

I've named the three ferrets: The smallest (and paler of the Kikis) is PW, for "Pocket Weasel". The middle one (darker Kiki) is TR for "Tube Rat". The largest, the blonde, is CS for "Carpet Shark".

My base pass worked, and therefore the men in green let me on base without giving me my RDA of lead.

Two people came into Kitty City. Three 8-week old kittens and three ferrets slipped out. Hilarity ensued. After 5-10 minutes we managed to get all of the critters inside the door, and I found out it was echoweaver and her husband. They followed me home and met Andy. It turns out that the person who introduced them was in Andy's grade and several of his classes in high school.

I don't have to get up at 08:30 tomorrow, let alone long enough before then to get ready for an appointment at 08:30!
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