Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I am the Ferret Queen, Part the Second

I had a doctor's appointment today; nothing serious, but my prior doctor gave me one month's worth of prescription for when I got out here, and I'll be needing a refill in a few weeks. They'd said there's a drastic shortage of this type of doctors in the area, and of those many aren't taking new patients. When told this last week I called all of the referrals I had, and indeed two of the three were not taking patients. The third one, though, when he heard what I was looking for asked if today at 08:30 was ok. I asked Andy, who was exercising, and he said yes. He also mentioned that it would be good if we could get my base pass beforehand, but he rather expected I'd not get up early enough to do so.

Fast forward to this morning. I didn't get much sleep at all, if any, between all the tossing and turning. When the alarm went off at 06:30 I figured I'd might as well get up first, let Andy sleep in for a change, and stop the torture of trying to think I might sleep. We got to the badge office, got the pass, and headed off to the doctor. I made a stupid dyslexic mistake (as I often do when I'm tired) and transposed the address from 2155 to 5122. Luckily we figured it out and got back there with a minute or two to spare. The office was very desolate.

Andy finally called the answering service at about 08:40, and they said they'd track down the doctor since they didn't have appointment access. Andy brought me home and unhappily went off to work; not unhappy about going to work, but that he'd just wasted about two hours in which he could've been later. A while later the doctor called and confirmed the appointment was on Wednesday at 08:30, saying he never made appointments for Tuesday since he had another commitment. Maybe he was thinking about Tuesday and accidentally said it instead of Wednesday, but I am positive (as is Andy) that I asked about Tuesday and read that date back to the doctor.

Andy had a bad day at work; fortunately my day made up for it in some part. I was ready when the Atlas guys finally came to pick up the boxes and padding paper from our move. I talked with the AAA people and got a towing date set up for the poor Civic. That date time will be 05:00 tomorrow. Recently Andy placed an order from a company and for some unknown reason they shipped to NC (I've ordered from them since we moved, so they have the correct address). Andy e-mailed them and they replied to say we were SOL. Since he was having a rough day he asked me to handle it.

I rang our old apartment complex and talked to our favorite office person. When she heard the dilemma she said she'd intercept the packages. When I offered to mail her a check she said "never mind", so long as I don't mind it going snail-mail. I heart Equity and those associated with it.

We haven't had chicken noodle soup in two or three years. This weekend Andy was in the mood for soup, and we decided on chicken noodle. Since I was up so early this morning I got the drumsticks and the tomato juice going on low heat and let it slowly simmer throughout the day. I'm not certain if it was the slow-cooking, the fact that the chicken and tomato juice was organic, or if I just hit some magical combination of spices, but Andy said it was really good. This is a lot coming from him since he usually doesn't like dark meat.

Andy is playing a computer game in which the books in the library randomly attack. I guess someone folded over the pages and used them for a bookmark once too often.
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