Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday we did absolutely nothing car-related. Andy and I had a long talk and then a long cuddle. I didn't volunteer, but I did do my weekly grocery shopping. Since I didn't volunteer I didn't have a chance to buy the weekly canned food rations (I usually buy them on Saturday, actually, but last week I'd gotten an extra can), but I got them at Wild Oats after forgetting them at Whole Foods.

Today we got an offer from AAA, which insures the woman who nailed Andy. It was well over $1000 more than we expected. I recommended we put the amount we originally hoped for on the new car and use the extra to buy an elliptical. Andy is considering it. After picking up the check we deposited it at the Credit Union and then headed to the CU car-buying service, where we got a ballpark quote. While at AAA I'd seen that there's a special AAA car rate, so I inquired about it and called when I got home. Going by math alone, we'll go with the CU service if they can get it within two weeks and with the AAA dealer if the CU would take longer than two weeks. That's the price difference of the rental car for the time after the insurance coverage lapses.

Afterward we went to the MVD to get our licenses switched to NM and to find out how to deal with our new car. Andy got his license, but I didn't; in New Mexico diabetes is one of the conditions which requires a doctor's note. Good thing my NC license doesn't expire until 2006.
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