Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Of cats, cars, and ferrets (without so much cat in it)

We went to the credit union to tie up a few loose ends. Since I wasn't needed for it to happen I went over to Kitty City to give them the pictures of Mau Mau and Suzanne. I took a few pictures of the new kitties and was given a key to KC and a shirt which says "Staff". I think it's official now. Thanks to esmerel and goldenlily for offering to say nice things about me. I don't know if PACA ever contacted you, but even if not, thank you.

We went to the first place and the salesman used a bit of pressure, but not nearly as much as he could have. He even refrained from panning the competition until the last minute, which was unfortunate for him. Had he refrained completely he would've impressed us a lot more. We test drove a car and then decided to go for blue instead of our default black or really dark gray. There is one with all of the features we want, but it's in Colorado and would take several weeks to get here. Also, the place is trying to emulate Saturn in that there's no haggling, and the price we were quoted was several thousand over sticker.

The second place we went to was awful. Same company as the other one, but this guy was very much into the pressure tactics. It didn't get him very far, though, since the more he pressed the more Andy clammed up. His lot didn't have the car we wanted, let alone the color, and instead of trying to track one down he basically said "come back in a month when we get a new shipment". Too bad for him that he picked the dealer which works on commissions.

We went to a place recommended by (and partially run by, I believe) our CU. They usually work with used cars, but they will work to get you the exact car you want for sticker price or under. Unfortunately the new car division closed about two hours before we got there. We also tried the MVD express (which, unlike the MVD, is open on Saturday) to figure out what title and licensing costs if you do it yourself, and maybe to get NM driver's licenses. Unfortunately they were closed as well.

I went to Kitty City while Andy exercised. There were three new kittens (10-11 weeks old) who weren't on the board, but that got sorted out. I also went out to the ferret cage and brought two of them (Kiki-the-ferret-colored) in. Hilarity ensued. One of them is spastic beyond belief -- it makes Kiki-the-ferret look somber and sluggish in comparison. I'm so glad I found out that Myrtice brings them in to Kitty City; it certainly livens things up. I keep wanting to call the two Kiki-colored ferts "she" and the Tuffy-the-ferret-colored one "he", but usually I catch myself. Now to figure out how to smuggle one or three of them out... Ahem.

Tomorrow we are not going to do anything car-related if we can help it.
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