Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Foo let me sleep in again, but apparently not long enough. Though it certainly falls in the range of days when I'm more inclined to be depressed, today was one of the worse ones.

Part of it may have been that when I finally found the shipping place which made up the majority of yesterday's adventure, they charged nearly triple what FedEx's site said it would cost. FedEx's site does say that drop-off sites may add on charges, but unfortunately Pak Mail didn't break down how much was FedEx and how much was their cut. It looks like I'll have to see if the FedEx pickup which occurs daily at Sitterson accepts ground, or how much FedEx charges to pick up ground packages. Either that or stop offering FedEx ground as a shipping option.

No news on the job front, though SGI looks as if they understand Andy's desperate and non-negotiable need for a month or so off after he defends. They did have a project they wanted done in September, but the person who would be his boss has said that she understands the trade-off between short-term solutions which are not as beneficial in the long-term, so hopefully they won't hire anyone else due to that one glitch. As I mentioned recently, I'm fine with Andy working for SGI. They obviously want him; he had lots of fun interning there; and as long as I have him and the kitties, I'll be happy anywhere except perhaps New Jersey.

I was on edge enough before that I basically logged off of everywhere before I misinterpreted anything or else. Somehow or other I ended up lying down, and the nap which ensued seems to have helped somewhat. Possibly it was awakening to Andy having made dinner and the Widget sleeping on my feet above the sheet but under the bedspread.

I also got some good news today: my cousin Kim had her baby. He'd been in breech and they'd tried to re-orient him twice. Last I heard they were going to try one more time, then do a C-section if it failed. I'm not sure what ended up happening, but Justin is 5lbs and 5oz, was born on August 8th, and he and his mother are doing well.
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