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Grief and White-Hot Anger

I went to Kitty City today just to visit. Andy and I aren't sure if I'm allowed to drive the rental car, but I did anyway. As soon as I walked in one of the Clark's employees said "Kitty City is locked; I'll have to let you in". I had to get some emergency rations for the kitties (I'd meant to go sometime this week, but the car accident sort of eclipsed that), and after I grabbed a bag I started chatting with the clerk checking me out. Kitty City is now locked because Mau Mau and Suzanne are gone.

It might be possible that they're somewhere in the storeroom and the worst that happened was that someone let them out. I doubt it, though. On a scale of 0-9 of cats whom I'd expect to take advantage of an open door, with 9 being the most likely, I'd give Suzanne a 2 and Mau Mau a -1. Lovie, the scruffy red guy, and Blackberry would have been far more likely. The best we can hope for right now is that someone will return them or that the people who took them couldn't afford the adoption fee or something, and the worst that might happen is they'll be declawed.

I'm the only one who has pictures of two. Our camera died en route to Lars and Yee Man's reception. We're desperately hoping it's just the battery, and we'll be going to get a replacement tonight or, if dinner isn't ready in time, early tomorrow. The guy at Ritz Camera, upon hearing the circumstances, has said that if we give him the flash card we can print out pictures of the two for $.49 apiece. At least with that we can make up some "lost" posters for them. Anyway, I'm off -- I'd rather see if we can get this done tonight.
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