Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Top Ten Reasons I'm Grateful

10. We unpacked enough of our bears to have plenty around for random cuddling.

09. Even with all the turmoil today I got some stuff done.

08. Dinner was leftovers, so nothing elaborate.

07. I put the Martinelli's in the freezer long enough to chill it but not so long that it exploded.

06. Andy has some incredibly cool co-workers and a fantastic boss.

05. Andy and I have some really awesome friends.

04. Gail has been cute and funny and very huggable today. She is large/substantial enough to foozle properly.

03. There is a kitten sitting on my lap purring her furry little throat out.

02. I am not at the hospital wondering if Andy will survive the night.

01. I am not a widow.
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