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I forgot to mention yesterday that, while eating lunch outside, we saw a very pretty bird. My first thought was "roadrunner", so I asked Andy. It took some doing for him to see it, but when he did his immediate answer was "It's missing the dust cloud". I went in to get the take-home box and mentioned it to the employee, and she said that while they're usually not that bold, it's not unheard of to see them around here.

Lovie is back, and not limping! I rang the person interested in adopting him so she can come meet him if she wants. There are a lot of new cats now. I'll talk more about them tomorrow.

The buttermilk chicken was, as usual, yummy.

Due to circumstances we couldn't get an ice cream cake from Cold Stone today, and Andy said he didn't want one today anyway, since buttermilk chicken usually over-fills him. I decided to try some GF brownie mix I'd gotten a while back anyway. The end product is a bit grainy, but tastes very good. I'll have to get some of what Dave made Mom for Pamela's birthday and compare them.

Andy liked all of his loot. My favorite was a paperweight which looks like it has a bunch of hot-air balloons on it and is an optical illusion. I think his favorite is a tie between the Gaiman audio book and the computer games and the Douglas Adams CDs.

Heidi is getting bigger, but she's still smaller than Lovie.

Both kitties love the un-removable ball in a ring thingy I got them today.

I think I've seen more rainbows in the month-and-change I've been here than I did in the past dozen years combined. And they're much more vibrant, too.

Andy got a great card from Mom -- the front is to "my person" from the cat, and says a small part of her will always be with you. On the inside it says "On your clothes".
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