Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Various Stuff

So today was Labor Day -- had Andy or I realized this a few weeks ago, we would probably have just been getting home from Chicago, rather than having left yesterday. A day of downtime wasn't all bad, however. We went out for lunch and my leftovers will be Andy's lunch tomorrow.

I left at a few minutes before four to volunteer, only to discover that I'd mis-remembered the Labor Day closing time, and got there a few minutes after it closed. I did the weekly grocery shopping, including supplies for tonight's dinner and Andy's special birthday dinner tomorrow, and got home about the same time I would have if I'd volunteered.

I got caught up on laundry today and did some other random stuff. I also gave Andy one of his birthday presents just now since he'll be sound asleep by midnight. On a sad note, I won't be posting pictures for the foreseeable future -- sometime between when I removed the battery to recharge it before the flight and when we put it back in at the reception, the camera stopped working.

We can't tell if the battery is dead (the charger says it's full up) or if something happened to the camera on the way to Chicago. I still have our APS camera, but since we don't have a scanner I won't be able to put the pictures up when they're developed.
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