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Brief Update

Tonight Andy and I had burgers. He cooked while I shopped for ingredients for s'mores. While there I noticed that there's going to be a blood drive at the store (which is right across the street from us) tomorrow from 11:00-15:00. I was all excited because I figured I could give blood at 11:00, eat lunch with Andy, and we would still be able to catch our plane at 13:41. When I got home Andy noted that I mixed up the flights; tomorrow's departs at 12:03 and the one coming home departs at 13:41. Bugger.

Anyway, as noted above we'll be non-com from tomorrow morning until at least Sunday in the late afternoon. I'm guessing that since the plane lands at 15:40 I probably won't be able to volunteer on Sunday, though I may try if the plane arrives on time, we get out of airport-land quickly, and a ton of other unlikely things happen. Enjoy your weekend!
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