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Two Saturdays ago some brats came into Kitty City. Lovie, Heidi's brother, was holed up in the house on this kitty tree. Shadow, a beautiful and very shy cat, was hiding here. The boy began trying to get Shadow out, even demanding that I come over and pull her out. I finally told him, in no uncertain terms, to leave her the fsck alone (Ok, I left out the Unix term), and he finally did so. Meanwhile, one of the two girls had been trying to get Lovie down. The kids finally left, and all of the volunteers still there breathed a sigh of relief.

Then we saw Lovie as he tried to walk. He was holding one of his back legs off of the ground completely, and any time he tried to put it down he was clearly in pain. He dragged himself over to one of the kitty beds on the floor and laid there while we tried to make him comfortable. One of the non-volunteers said she'd seen the girl try to pull Lovie out of his hiding spot. Our guess is that she tried to pull him by his back leg. Monica, who had fostered Cutie, Honey/Heidi, and Lovie (but not named them ;), came in and we told her about him, and after looking at his leg she decided to bring him home. I haven't seen him since.

Today a very nice couple came in. They played with all of the kitties and especially asked after males. Our current three males are Big Red, Scruffy Red, and Captain. One of the reds (both are huge and scruffy) is two years old, one is five, and Captain is a grizzled six. As I chatted it turned out they were looking for a younger male to keep their one year-old female company. I told them about Lovie, and it pretty much sounded like I had invented them a perfect kitten. Monica didn't show up again, but they put in an application for him and I took it home.

I rang Monica and it turned out she had just inhaled some painkillers; she's not feeling well. She was interested in the couple and liked what I told her, but she was in no shape to call them. I'll bring the application back tomorrow; she's hoping to be there. Lovie is still limping, but Monica thinks he's healing sufficiently that he won't need surgery.

We're probably going to have to institute some rules to keep a similar event (as well as an ugly incident with poor little Rico) from recurring, and Kitty City may end up being closed to the public when volunteers aren't there. I feel badly for the well-behaved children and teens who come in, and the general public who won't be able to visit when we're not there, but on the other hand... poor Lovie. And really, anyone could remove a cat when we're not around and do who-knows-what to it. I mentioned strangling those kids if they ever come back; Andy recommended pulling them out of Kitty City by their leg.

Anyway, hopefully I found a good home for the last of Heidi's siblings. Hmmm. I just realized I can show the prospective adopter a picture of Lovie, since she gave me her e-mail address. I'm off.

[Edit: for those who tried to follow the links while I was re-arranging the Kitty City page, I apologize and have tweaked the URLs. I've also re-vamped the Kitty City page and captioned all of the denizen photos so the curious can put faces to names.]
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