Cat (willowisp) wrote,

For Albuquerque Folks

Hey there. I know that meeting strangers from the net is risky and can cause harm, however this is much less of a problem if the people meet in a public place with other people. It turns out that I put myself in that position on a near-daily basis: Clark's Pet Supplies is on the corner of Juan Tabo and Menaul (it's on Menaul, and from Juan Tabo it's a right turn onto Menaul and the first possible left turn into the parking lot). Since Kitty City is only open when the store is, there will always be store employees there, so I won't be able to axe murder you and feed you to the cats or anything.

If you're interested in meeting in that venue, I'm usually there Sunday from 4-5, sometimes as early as 3, and Mon-Sat from 6-7, sometimes as early as 5, and always until they kick me out at closing. If there are people there looking at kitties I won't be able to be as social, but usually in my time frame it's pretty empty. There are some exceptions; for instance I won't be there Friday through Sunday, August 29-31, because I'll be in Chicago celebratings a friend's elopement.

To get to Kitty City go into Clark's and head toward the back. Go through the door marked "employees only" and then into the screen door. Make sure you close the second screen door before opening the second, and feel free to spoil the ferrets on the way in -- they're not ours, but we like them anyway. I'm usually in comfy clothes; pants and a plain tee or pants and a tee with a funny saying or something to do with cats. Often if I'm not talking to people or playing with the kitties I'll do a crossword puzzle or some other reading. Maybe I'll see some of you there!
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