Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday and Today

Between the two days I got a lot done. I'm now caught up with laundry and should be able to stay that way as long as I do a load a day. The kitchen is in better shape, as is our room and the guest room (aka Heidi's room). Heidi has a new collar; hopefully one she won't be able to destroy as handily as she has her first one -- the bow is completely shredded. I did some phone calling Andy had asked me to, and I also enrolled for the gem-setting class mentioned in ferretshock. There's a new kitty in the City named Mau-Mau, and another new one who got adopted out before I even met her. Pictures (and captions) will be forthcoming soon.

Here is a great story from the customers_suck community; both the cat-bathing story and some of the comments are hilarious.
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