Cat (willowisp) wrote,

More stuff achieved

Today I really put a dent in the monster laundry pile, and folded/put away all of the clothing which had been accumulating over the past day and remembered to start the spaghetti sauce. As a treat I made the chicken Parmesan for Andy in merlinofchaos-style. A load of dishes has just finished washing and after I empty out the dryer, put the current wet load in, and wash today's clothes I will only have sheets and towels left. I had estimated earlier today that I would catch up by Wednesday, and if I don't it won't be for lack of trying.

Boca, Fluffy, and Trent were adopted today. I skipped the adopt-a-thon on the theory that there are always too many people there, and the kitties would much more enjoy one-on-one time. I was petting Fluffy as I read the board and saw her name, which confused this bear of little brain. I called Myrtice, and she said the guy who adopted Fluffy is in the process of moving and didn't want to bring her home until the movers were done. Given how stressful the move was for Thena and Gail, I approve.

There are a few new cats, all over a year old. Gray Sheba may end up being adopted by Fluffy's new owner. Jules and Fern, all-black brother and sister are back, bringing Kitty City up to four all-black inhabitants. There's gray and white Muffin who was left in the apartment when her former owner moved. She's actually not in Kitty City yet because she was so stressed. She's sitting in a cage in the stock room, and will hopefully be introduced tomorrow or Monday. Kitties left behind when their owners move seems to be depressingly common; that's also how Dixon ended up in Kitty City. There are two orange cats called big male and scruffy male. I have no idea which is which because they're both huge and they both look scruffy. One has (more) white on him, so I'll just find out which and go by that.

I sliced my finger something fierce while feeding the cats. It was one of those pull-tab cans, and somehow when I finally got it off it cut into my third finger. I went through five paper towels just to keep the blood from leaking and, when I finally got home, the blood soaked all the way through the first Band-Aid. I think it's finally stopped by now, though I can see a bit of red through the second Band-Aid. However, even despite that I think this ended up being a good day. I'll really miss Fluffy, but I'm glad Boca finally found someone.

Just because I haven't done this for a while, this paperweight is just really neat.
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