Cat (willowisp) wrote,

In Which Some Stuff Happened

Andy had said recently that I had been depressed a lot since moving. I hadn't really noticed on a conscious level, though I have been sleeping a lot and procrastinating even more than I had in a long time. That and I often found myself spending a whole day doing nothing much at all. Part of the depression is situational due to a death in the family. Part may have just been moving and having everything change. I was, though, having a lot of "blah" days, yesterday included. There were tow things worth journalizing about; the first was a very nice quality-time cuddle with callicrates. The second was that Andy had realized that erish's wedding was the same weekend as the balloon fest ending, and his parents were planning on being here. We called them and it didn't sound to hopeful about being able to re-schedule.

Today started out in the early am with my submitting an order to Thai Gems. Then I went to bed and failed to fall asleep for a long time. I was awake when Andy left for work and then finally got to sleep. When I woke up Gail was snuggled next to me. I stayed there and petted her for a while and she actually purred. By the way, I haven't mentioned it recently, but they're definitely playing together now. I haven't heard a hiss or growl in the past week, possibly before, but there is a lot of wrestling, swatting, and chasing. A new favorite is "queen of the tree", usually with Gail as the defender.

I got up and decided I was going to get stuff done today, full stop. The first was to read e-mail from Emily that she had been able to re-schedule after all, so we'll get to see them a weekend earlier, at the balloon-fest beginning, and not miss the wedding. After coffee and cereal my first goal was to do something about our dryer. When we first got here it was taking more than one cycle to get everything really dry. The other day it got much worse, but I attributed it to the fact that the load in question was a bunch of Egyptian cotton Turkish towels. I finally air-dried them after five or so dryer cycles. It didn't stop there, though. Every load after that was taking at least three dryer cycles. At that rate I never would have caught up with laundry, let alone stayed ahead of it. I had decided to post a question to ABQ folks who read it asking if there's some sekrit desert method of laundering which I, as a hapless lifetime coaster, simply didn't know.

First, though, I looked at the dryer again. I'd noticed on the first day that it didn't have a lint trap. This confused me since I've never run into a dryer which didn't have one. So, I happily kept washing clothes until things started getting unacceptable dryer-wise. Today I looked more closely and realized that one of the two grates inset in the back of the dryer wasn't actually a grate, but did look detachable. I pulled it out, and it was an industrial-sized filter; much in shape like the canned ham imported from Denmark or Poland or whatever. I opened it up and pulled out a cake of lint so tightly-packed that it completely kept its shape. I put it back in and started the load I'd washed last night drying.

I went upstairs and had a nice shower, then came down and did touch-up stuff in the various rooms. When the dryer buzzer went off I went and checked. There was a load of completely dry clothes. The next load had some towels and took two cycles to dry. The next took two and was a bit staticky. The next took two and was very staticky, which means it may have fallen back to between one and one-and-a-half cycles to dry the clothes completely. And while I'm not yet caught up with laundry, I made more of a dent today than in the last week combined.

I called in some prescriptions as I waited for Andy to get home, and they said they'd be ready by 18:00. I was mostly busy with laundry and such while he exercised, and at a few minutes before 18:00 I left for K-Mart and volunteering. K-Mart took longer than I'd planned on because it turns out our <deleted> COBRA had covered less than half of Andy's medicine, none of my diabetes prescription, and a little over half of my other one. The pharmacist double-checked and printed out the results; she thought it was really odd how little it covered. Luckily Andy was expecting about as much.

Volunteering was quiet. One couple came in to look at the ferrets, then came into Kitty City and played a while. Boca, the Siamese cross, didn't exactly move, but was awake most of the time. Captain, the 6 year-old, came out when I first walked in and graciously allowed me to pet him. Shadow, Fluffy, and Blackberry stayed close once I sat down, and I took turns petting them. Shirley was hidden in the boat and Suzanne was climbing all over the place. Rico eventually came over and settled near me; I'm glad since he's a kitten and would be much more adoptable if he wasn't always hiding. Meanwhile the third of the kittens, Trent, spent the whole time hiding in the doghouse. Monica was a no-show for the fifth time this week, so no new kittens. I figured that she probably wouldn't introduce them until Saturday once Thursday rolled around; since that's the day of the adopt-a-thon more people will see them and perhaps they'll be adopted before even being Kitty City residents.

There was no snail-mail in the box when I checked at 16:30, so I was wondering if it was a rare no-mail day. When I got home I checked, and we got our new COBRA ID cards (burning them is going to be so therapeutic), a company credit card for Andy, and a letter to me from Rio Grande. The contents of the letter have resulted in my creating a new journal, ferretshock, for talking about jewelry stuff. For those who are interested in the beginning or who are really bored, I have a "How it all began" entry here. And for those curious about the Thai Gem order I mentioned earlier and/or what the Rio Grande letter was about, there's a second entry here.

I'd remembered to begin quick-thawing the chicken but I'd forgotten to begin the spaghetti sauce, so we decided t go out rather than eat at 22:00. As a bonus, the local Flying Star cafe serves fish and chips, but only on Friday. We went there and they were sold out of the fish and chips (sigh), so I had a burger while Andy had an oriental chicken salad. We came home and I worked on more laundry. We decided we were "While You Were Out"ed out and instead did quiet stuff. The kitties provided the entertainment via a fast-paced game of Queen of the Tree with Heidi starting off and losing her place quickly.

I got a lot done and had a definite good day. I hope it's because I've finally started getting a feel for the place and therefore am not all muddled and disoriented. I hope the trend continues over the next days/weeks/months, although I will need to take it one day at a time. This weekend and early next week I'll probably work on finding a few of the doctors I need to see here. More immediately, I'm going to go to bed and try to spend lots of time doing nothing but cuddling Andy tomorrow and Sunday.
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