Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Mmmmmm, grilled steak

I did little bits and pieces today, nothing dramatic. Among other things I cleaned up all of the food our sloppy little kitten has strewn across her room in hopes of stemming the ant invasion. I'd rather not use poisons and such because she might eat it or play with the ant hotels and get sick. I also discovered that Nature's Miracle seems to kill ants on contact. I just hope they decide to stay away. Aside from neatening here and there, that was my day.

Volunteering was slow -- no one came in, not even Monica. I'd been hoping she would bring in the kittens she'd had neutered/spayed on Monday. I worked (mostly fruitlessly) on a five coffee-cup crossword I'd skipped over previously. I think I'll have to bring the puzzle book in and look up the cultural references (actors, movies, etc) and see if the answers help me figure out the other words.

I brought home two steaks, one of which I cut in half and the other which I saved for tomorrow. I also brought home potatoes and a ton of fruits and berries since they were on sale. Andy did a great job of grilling them, and the potatoes could have used a few more minutes but weren't bad. Andy appeared to have a great deal of fun grilling -- he's said we'll probably be doing it more often than we did in NC. The big reason is probably that the grill is on the back porch, not being shared with the whole complex. Also, he gets home earlier now, so he wouldn't be grilling in the dark. I may be trolling for grill recipes in the future, and I'll forward all comment/recipe ideas to Andy.
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