Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was pretty good. I managed to get enough sleep last night, and Andy didn't need to get up so awfully early. Thena was remarkably well-behaved, not trying to get me up any earlier than necessary, and not yowling as is her wont before feeding time.

Andy had a doctor appointment and some errands to run, so I spent the day doing little things things which need to be done occasionally. The mail included some plastic leaves and glass flowers which are part of my master plan, and one of the delivery services (I'm not sure which; they didn't knock) left one of my gifts for Andy for graduation. It's one of those things I've wanted to get him for years, but it can't sit around for infinite amounts of time, and I always thought of it when no gift-giving occasions were in range.

It wasn't quite so hot today so I got my walk done before the kitties' dinner time. I saw rather more people than I do when I walk later. One of them was Jewel's dad. She wasn't having such a good week -- she hissed at the vet when said vet gave her a shot. To be honest, I don't uch blame her. I also met the cat-on-a-leash again. She's so tiny that I thought she was maybe half to three-quarters grown, but she's actually twelve years old. Her name is Cinnamon.

I also found a perfect gift for Andy today. It is, in a way, something he's asked for, but even better. It's expensive, the kind of thing which would be most of his birthday or perhaps graduation and birthday combined. We'll need to see how things look after we get the car fixed, or I can let his family know if they ask me for gift ideas for him.

Two updates. Both were really from yesterday, and were additional paper cuts. Things are getting a bit worrisome drought-wise; the next town over is on level 5 water emergency and only have 30 days' supply of water as of last night. If people still weren't rebuilding after Hurricane Floyd three years ago, I might wish for a named storm to come up the coast. I know better than to do that, though -- hurricanes (and to a lesser extent tropical storms) are good for getting wet, but often as not introduce equal or even greater problems then they solve.

And, the latest chapter in the "What allergies was I tested for, anyway?" saga:

Late April 2002: I had a blood test administered to check for food allergies.

Very early June 2002: I talked to the doctor and found out that I'm severely allergic to eggs, seriously allergic to wheat, and ok with dairy. No others were discussed, so I have no idea what all I was tested for. Since wheat allergies can sometimes accompany gluten intolerance (aka Celiac or Sprue), I was referred to arrange a biopsy of my small intestine.

Early June 2002: I requested my lab results so I could check what I was tested for. I have a feeling there may still be an allergy lurking, and sirushi has her suspicions as well.

Mid June 2002: Had the biopsy done. Drugs which induce amnesia are lovely things, since all I can remember is pain at the very beginning, before said drug kicked in.

Late June 2002: I received the records of a little girl who'd had labwork done for hearing loss. I called the company which handles the records and they said they'd send the proper ones, and asked me to destroy the one I got (I burned it in our fireplace since we don't own a paper shredder other than Gail, who is inconsistent at best).

Mid July 2002: I received the clinical notes of various doctors who'd seen me between April and June, but no lab results. The clinical notes said I was allergic to wheat and eggs, but didn't list anything else.

Late July 2002: I called again, and the very nice woman said she'd try to find out why they had such a problem tracking down the lab results.

Yesterday I received the lab results...from the biopsy. So now I'm positive I'm not Celiac, but I still have no ideas which allergies I was tested for. I phoned the company again, told them the date of the bloodwork, and they're going to try once again to see if they can figure out why the one lab result I want is so elusive. So it was nothing really bad, but it was annoying in an eye-rolling sort of way.

Today was better, especially since a friend had an interview which appears to have gone well. If said friend is reading this, Andy and I are rooting for you. And anyone else reading this take care, and I'll be seeing you around on the MUSHes or wherever.
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