Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Productive Day

I got a fair amount done today. I (mostly) sorted through three boxes of unpacked stuff in our room, consolidating them down to two broken-down boxes and one box of trash. I moved the dresser over to where Andy had wanted to, since the boxes no longer occupied the space. I managed not to let any regular work slip and found Heidi's Lupine collar, which I won't try to put on her again until she's bigger. I also confirmed that I wasn't dreaming when I heard Andy say he was going to Seattle in October, leading to my earlier post.

I've loved Seattle all of the times I've been there -- I adore the weather, I love that some of my favorite paperweight makers and created gem makers (obsidianite/Mt St Helens Emeralds) are there, and all of the little art galleries. Heck, when I took a quiz of what city I am, I ended up as Seattle without knowingly throwing the results. Plus some of the coolest people, on LJ and off, are there. Yes, getting me to plot a way to visit along with callicrates took some serious arm-twisting indeed.

When I went in today I saw a familiar face. I don't know if I mentioned him in any prior posts about Heidi, but an old man was there again. I met him the day I met Heidi, and we chatted long enough for me to find out that he has asthma so comes to Kitty City to get his feline fix. Today I found out that he'd had a one year-old cat, Baby (female and orange, which I've been told is rare), when he was diagnosed. She's now living with his daughter-in-law, who had recently lost one of her beloved kitties to a sudden illness. After the store closed I found him out at his car looking through pictures, and he showed them to me. Baby is a beautiful cat. I hope Andy and I never have to decide between our cats and our health.

Two women came in and, after the usual hesitation, were lured in. Unfortunately the only way into Kitty City is a door labeled "employees only". The first time I ever visited Clark's (before Thena died) I didn't go into Kitty City because I wasn't sure if I was allowed. When I see people looking through the window and seeming to want to come in, I'll often go out and tell them they're allowed. As I went out to invite them in they were wavering at the "employees only" door.

One woman was a multiple-cat owner who was taking her neighbor on a tour of the various shelters. The first woman had never been to Kitty City but wanted to be thorough, and I think they were glad she took the chance. Like many visitors, they were impressed with the cat-centric setup, and really liked being able to interact with the kitties in a relaxed (read: cageless) atmosphere.

The second woman grew up around cats because her parents in Maryland rescue them. Now that she's on her own she wanted a pair of friends, preferably lap kitties. I mentioned Blackberry and Shadow's special relationship, and she looked interested. Shadow was even brave and came over for scritches several times.

The real stunner, though, was Shirley, a year-old re-surrender. I think I've mentioned before that PACA is no-kill, but they will also take back any animal adopted from them with no questions asked. Shirley had been adopted out to a family who turned her back in due to family issues (I get the feeling divorce was involved). She's pretty much been hiding out since she came back. Today she was out and about, and when the woman mentioned lap kitties I quipped that I had no idea if Shirley was one and pulled her into my lap to see. She politely declined the invitation, but moments later she was curled up in the second woman's lap. I hope they end up adopting each other.

I was incorrect about our next big purchase. It wasn't an elliptical or a camcorder; it ended up being a grill. As far as we can tell the NC law about grills in apartments do not exist in NM, so we got the kind Andy grew up with. Tomorrow I'll be stopping by Whole Foods to get some steaks and potatoes, and Andy will also try to grill some corn-on-the-cob I got on impulse last week. Just to be safe I'll boil the other half. Andy's really excited about the grill. I wonder if I should blame merlinofchaos for that ;).
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