Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The Weekend

It was a fairly quiet weekend. I've discovered that I like volunteering better during the week, when it's usually just the kitties, any visitors, and sometimes Monica. Dixon and Keely got adopted this weekend, and Mikey and Gregg went to their foster homes. Some idiot also tried to pull Lovie out of his place by his foot, and afterward he was limping so he went home as well. We got a new orange cat, Collin; and a new calico who looks like a tortie but apparently isn't, Shirley. We also got a tortie kitten named Suzanne and Blake and Trent back. Last but not least there's now a very unhappy gray kitten named Rico who had a really bad week.

Last night I stayed up late getting some plane reservations for August (our friends Lars and Yee Man are having their reception after eloping to avoid the whole western vs eastern wedding thing. Unfortunately we aren't going to Seattle for it; they're holding it in Chicago) and for September (my cousin Sandy's wedding. Andy won't be coming along for this one and I'll be using it as an excuse to visit Pamela and Mom). I way overslept but got to Kitty City in time for something wondrous to happen. Captain is a 6 year-old black and white cat; huge. He usually hangs out in one of the higher kitty condos. He's friendly enough if you go over to pet him, but he never leaves. Except today he came out and asked me for some scritches.

When I got home Mom called, and turned out to be unhappy about the dates I'd picked. She'd been talking about her boss being a jerk about giving her time off, so I'd done Thurs-Tues. Luckily since it was under 24 hours since the reservation was made they made a courtesy cancellation and I redid the reservation for Thurs-Weds. Then Andy and I went out to a very yummy Chinese buffet, and now we're going to be all cute and couple-like.
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