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Today I made a vet appointment for Gail. Sometimes her nose looks better, but sometimes it looks scary. I'd rather we pay a vet bill to find out it's nothing than to have to deal with an (almost certainly) painful something-or-other down the road if it's not a simple problem. Afterward Andy and I will have lunch together, then he'll drop me off at Kitty City. I'd like to stay at least until the adopt-a-thon is over, but with Andy calling the shots of when to pick me up, I probably won't be there until all hours.

Today a pleasant family (mom, 6 year-old, and nice guy who is allergic to kitties but came in to pet them anyway; I get the idea he's not the dad or significant other) who were there the other day came back. It looks like Keely will have a home so long as her foster mother approves. Monica asked how I felt about them, sort of pretending she didn't approve, and seemed happy when I stuck to my evaluation that they seemed like a good match. Although she's iffy about adopting cats out to people with young children (too often the parents blame the cat if it scratches for being handled too roughly), the girl was very gentle with all of them. Keely is a very sweet, easygoing kitty, especially since she's only 8 months old and already very mellow, and the mother and Keely bonded pretty quickly.

After they left Monica sidled over and handed me a volunteer application. I told her I had one at home and accordingly dug it up when I got home. I almost immediately remembered why I hadn't filled it out already. One of the questions begins:

Please list 2 people of responsibility (my emphasis) who have known you for several years <...>

So, if anyone who reads this isn't related to me or a former co-worker and can keep from snickering while answering questions about my qualifications, please e-mail me your name, address, and relationship. I'll let you know if I drag your name through the mud^W^W^W^W^W^Wuse you on the application.
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