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I finally began working on one of my master plans this morning; figuring out how to arrange drawers and closet space to best utilize space and hangers and such. I didn't finish, but I at least made some progress.

Heidi is much easier to stuff in her bag than Thena was. I've been wondering a bit about her recently. I didn't pick a kitty who looked somewhat like Foo on purpose; in fact I emphatically believe that Heidi picked me. Not quite in the same way Thena did, but she did keep coming back to me despite a surfeit of laps in Kitty City that day.

She isn't exactly like Thena by any stretch of the imagination. Thena's most shown-off feature was/were her cream-tipped paws, while Heidi has no such thing. Thena also had both tabby and tortie markings and a lot of rust in her coloration, plus no gray to speak of once she grew out of kittenhood. Heidi is a gray tabby and, moreover, is considered to be a "classic" in coloration due to the ring in her fur on both sides of her body. And yet sometimes she looks so much like Thena that it just floors Andy and me.

There are times when she seems to have a lot in common with the Foo, though. For instance, both hate(d) their collar(s) and work(ed) very hard to get them off. In the process Thena destroyed several collars (thank goodness for lifetime warranties) and Heidi has already done quite a number on her temporary one. Both Thena and Heidi would risk anything to get table food. Both are/were extremely persistent. And today I really got thrown for a curve. As I've mentioned before, Thena was not a subtle kitty. When she wasn't happy you heard about it loud and often. She also had a thunderpurr, which Heidi is already exhibiting, but anyway. Today on the way home from the vet Heidi was meowing loudly and in the exact same tone of voice as Thena used to. I won't go so far as to say that I was expecting Thena to walk out of the carrier when I opened it when we got home, but if my grip on reality were any more tenuous I might well have.

Other people (ysabel comes to mind) have talked about how pets seemed to keep coming back, but up until Mandy and Thena I'd never had a pet with any real personality (the mean gerbil doesn't count), so I was skeptical. Now I'm beginning to wonder if there might be some part of Thena in Heidi. I don't want Heidi to be just like Thena, but it seems to me that maybe if Foo is hanging around than perhaps she was happy with us or something.

The vet visit wasn't quite painless for Heidi, but it also wasn't so bad. Her ears are fine; no mites or anything, and she doesn't have ringworm and her stool samples were negative for anything nasty. The vet said "she probably had a viral upper respiratory illness since she was living with other cats, and some bacteria apparently decided to join in the trouble". She has to take some antibiotics for a while and it will hopefully clear up.

He also listened to my account of what happened to Thena. He said there were two likely possibilities: a weak spot in her heart which burst, or heartworm. We had her on preventative, so it probably wasn't the latter. On another note, they don't even bother giving Heartguard to cats here due to NM having very few mosquitos. He said that in the case of a weak spot they can listen to the heart five minutes before the cat dies and it won't seem irregular. He also said that unless the cat is on the vet's table when it happens, there is no way to save a kitty when that happens. Even if it happens to a cat while she's at the vet they usually can't revive her. So, I guess my stupid stalling (first to look in a phone book, then going over to see if she was breathing, then looking in the phone book and calling a vet, then calling Andy, then getting lost) didn't make the difference between her life and death. Now to bring my emotional side up-to-date with my rational one.

Monica didn't show up while I was there today (though someone had fed the kitties their canned food before I got there), so I handled a deaf woman (thank goodness for the back of vet bills), a couple who I don't think I'd trust not to declaw a cat, and some nice people from yesterday who are trying to figure out what's best for their cat, companion-wise. Kitty City is pretty empty these days; just Lovie (Heidi's brother) and Dixon (another tabby, most think they're brothers due to size and temperament) for the really small types, several in the 8-10 month range, two 1 year-olds, and one 6 year-old. Sadly, due to the issues with spaying and neutering, I imagine it'll be bustling again fairly soon.
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