Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The past two days

As callicrates mentioned, we went out to an underwhelming dinner last night. Before that I showed up for the last two hours of a whirlwind adoption day at Clark's. I was there when two people took home sisters Chloe and Josie, leaving Trent, one of my favorites. Before I arrived someone adopted brother-sister team Fletcher and Frieda. Sniffle Frieda, she was such a little sweetie.

Today we went out to lunch, then to the hardware store. There is now a baby gate in the lightwell, so even if Gail jumps up onto the ledge she can't over-estimate (or would that be underestimate?) and end up falling down onto the ground floor. I also gave in to temptation and brought home a kitty tree similar to one I fell in love with at an Ames in Rome, NY before Ames went under. It looks like a tree, with brown carpet "bark" and two "boughs" with green carpet on them and a green top. Gail doesn't quite know what to make of it, but Heidi is scrambling all over it. She's also using the really tall sisal post we got for Gail as a climbing post.

Heidi has a vet appointment on Tuesday. She's been sneezing a lot, her eyes keep getting a bunch of goop in them, and it seems sometimes like she's wheezing. I hope it's kennel cough or something equally ubiquitous and thoroughly routine. Oh, and she got her tags yesterday.
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