Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Catching Up

This morning a man came and knocked on the door. I invited him in to sit on the new couch, and we started discussing a product/service. It was rather strange, in retrospect. If someone were only half-listening they might have thought he was selling magazine subscriptions or jewelry or candles or something. "Yes, please upgrade to a cedar chest, oh and four of these please". Then I wrote out a check (Is out of state ok?) and almost handed him a gray bundle. First, though, I had to hug it and cry a bit. He was understanding and parted with the bundle when I was ready.

The gray towel has a story. In our NC apartment we didn't have a linen closet, so I left a stack of bath towels in the guest bathroom. Thena became very fond of sitting on it, to the point where it was a running joke with callicrates and me that I always had to wash the towel twice -- after a guest left, and then again before the next guest came, lest the arriving guest end up with a Foo-colored fur coat. It was only fitting that she be sent away in her favorite towel. I also went over to tell the apartment manager(s) about it. Toby said she'll remove Thena from the lease and gave her condolences. There's so much I have to do still -- cancel her owner alert and notify the microchip people, cancel her pet insurance, change all of my passwords which referred to her, change the answering machine message, and so on. I can't imagine doing this for a person, with so much more which needs to be done.

I called the NC Animal Protection Society today. It may seem cold-hearted, with the funeral-baked meats still warm and all that, but Andy and I had decided we'd see if Bianca still needed a home. They're closed on Wednesdays, but I left a message anyway in hopes that if they were planning on euthanizing Bianca, that they'd get the message first and hold off. A woman called at 18:00 or so and let me know that Bianca had been adopted. I'm actually glad, because it meant she hasn't been sitting in a small cage in a scary place for the whole time we've been in Albuquerque.

I had planned to get a lot done with Andy at Siggraph. Not more than I could've handled, mind, but a lot nonetheless. Now Tuesday and Wednesday are gone and I've only gotten a fraction of it done, and that at the expense of getting to bed before 06:30 tonight/Wednesday morning. I hope I can catch up some tomorrow, though even if I did manage by some miracle to accomplish it all, I don't think Andy will be very happy when he gets home. I hope at least that he's not too disappointed.
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