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When I woke up at 13:00 or so today, Gail was sprawled beside me and Thena was in a loaf between my pillow and the edge of the bed. As per tradition, Foo raced me down the stairs and started asking for breakfast. I sat down at the computer to check e-mail while she purred and paced back and forth. Suddenly she stepped on the keyboard, which is very unusual for her, and then fell into my lap. Her legs were in a strange position and when I touched them I realized they were completely limp -- as if she had no bones at all. She growled two or three times and made some choking/hairball noises. I realized her whole body, not just her legs, was limp as I ran over toward our phone and the phone book. I laid her down in her bed and began looking for emergency veterinarians, and something made me look over. I realized that she hadn't moved at all, and I couldn't see her breathing. I went over and tried to see if she was, and only then I realized that she was probably dead instead of just suddenly paralyzed. I went back and called the first vet whose name I saw, and they said to bring her in if I thought they could save her. I called Andy to let him know what was going on, and he told me to hurry to the vet. They couldn't bring her back.
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